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The Main Problems Caused by Trapped Moisture in Your Roof

Roof, The Main Problems Caused by Trapped Moisture in Your Roof

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Does your building’s roofing system meet your expectations? Have you given thought to the roof deck’s status beneath the roof system?

There are numerous occasions when roof leaks go unreported for a protracted length of time. Usually, insulation in the roof system absorbs moisture before it enters the inside of the building. The leak soaks up the insulation before manifesting itself within the building.

Unfortunately, the roof insulation’s integrity has been damaged at this stage. The roofing system and other building components can suffer serious consequences as a result of leaking circumstances. The three potential issues with moisture buildup in your roof system are listed below.

a) The HVAC and Energy Related Issues 

The impact of wet insulation might spread to other parts of the building. The R-value of the insulation will decrease if moisture is trapped in the roofing system. Energy expenditures for maintaining the building’s interior may rise as a result. Reduced R-values also make HVAC equipment work harder, shortening the lifespan of the HVAC system’s parts.

This is a problem that extends beyond the rising cost of air conditioning during the sweltering summers. Additionally, costs for heating a building may rise. Wet insulation has a lower R-value than dry insulation. As a result, when temperature extremes occur, the insulation can no longer shield the building’s interior from the outside air.

b) The Damages to the Roofing System

Did you know that even a small amount of moisture on your roof can cause severe harm to the structure of the roof? Moisture can lead to additional harm to your building’s roof, which is one of its most important waterproofing components.

Water starts to transform into water vapor when it heats up inside the moist insulation. As the water vapor expands, pressure is created inside the roofing system. The vapor will push into the building envelope if the system is open to the inside of the structure, condensing and manifesting as a roof leak. The roof system will develop blisters if the water vapor cannot escape.

As the pressure rises, it will choose the route that offers the least amount of resistance and exert pressure on the system, which will lead to openings. Water can then enter the system when vapor escapes, leading to a new roof leak.

c) The Roof Deck Concerns

Not to be forgotten is the roof deck system. Deck failures can happen; however, they are uncommon and unusual. Excessive weight can lead to deck failures; often, this weight is brought on by standing water. Storm damage from strong winds can also result in decking problems. Over time, roof decks can degrade and disintegrate.

Shopping malls, big-box retailers, and other structures of a similar nature frequently use metal decking for their roof decks. Look up the next time you walk into a business. If there isn’t a drop ceiling, you probably won’t see much but a metal deck. You can see the metal decking over your head supporting the roof assembly.

Painted or galvanized steel often makes up the metal roof deck. Many people believe that the coating will suffice to prevent rusting of the steel. Sadly, no, it isn’t.

Premature corrosion is more likely in all of these places. Rust develops when you expose the ferrous metal to moisture from roof leaks. The metal deck’s structural integrity deteriorates due to rust.


Overall, it is crucial to establish a biannual roof maintenance schedule in order to locate potential leak sources before they worsen. Your roof system should be inspected by a qualified roofing contractor or consultant on a regular basis. Professionals with experience can inspect regions that are typical weak points in the roof assembly and spot issues early before they endanger your roof and the building’s structure.

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