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Top Roofing Issues that Commercial Property Owners Face

commercial roofing

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The roof of any commercial building is one of the essential components, as it plays a significant role in protecting the building’s occupants and assets from the elements. 

Consequently, it’s essential to ensure the roof is installed correctly and maintained throughout its lifespan. This is why it’s important to stay away from some of the common commercial roofing mistakes.

1. Hiring the Wrong Contractor

The contractor doing the installation is just as important as ensuring the installation is done correctly. A skilled, experienced contractor is essential in ensuring the installation is done correctly in terms of labor and materials. Furthermore, a qualified contractor should be aware of any applicable codes and regulations that must be adhered to in the installation process.

2. Improper Installation

Another common mistake that is made with commercial roofing is improper installation. Even the best materials may withstand the elements if a roof is installed correctly. Many of the most common problems with commercial roofs are related to poor installation, so it’s essential that the installation process be done correctly and with an eye to the details.

3. Lack of Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes with commercial roofing is the need for more maintenance. Regular maintenance is key in keeping a roof in good condition, since it can help spot and address any potential issues before they become costly problems. Regular maintenance can also help extend the roof’s life, saving money in the long run.

Common Problems to Monitor

There are a few issues that commercial property owners should be monitoring to make sure their roof is in good condition. The sealant and flashing should be checked for wear and tear regularly. 

The quality of the drainage system should be monitored to ensure it is functioning properly, as standing water on the roof can lead to major issues. Additionally, debris buildup should be addressed, as buildup can cause standing water on the roof, trapping moisture and leading to more severe issues.

1. Neglecting the Substrate

The substrate, or the surface on which the roof material is installed, must be prepared correctly for the roof to last and perform properly. If the substrate is not properly prepared, it can lead to leaks, tears, low resistance to the elements, and other issues that can reduce the roof’s lifespan. Hiring a qualified contractor is essential to ensure the substrate is prepared correctly.

2. Ignoring the Warranty

Sometimes, commercial property owners need to pay more attention to the warranty details of the roof. Most roofing materials come with some manufacturer’s warranty, which can be beneficial in addressing any issues that arise with the roof during its lifespan. Taking the time to read and understand the warranty details can pay off in the long run.

Key Takeaways

The roof of a commercial building is one of its most important components, and taking the necessary steps to ensure that it is installed correctly and properly maintained is essential in keeping it functioning optimally over its lifespan. To that end, commercial property owners should be aware of some of the most common roofing mistakes and take steps to avoid them.

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