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Contents Restoration

After a fire, flood, or smoke event, you may be unsure where to start the recovery process.

Even a small fire can create significant damage to your home, and the process of cleaning it out is difficult. Many times, the content within your home – from furniture to baby photos – can be restored by professional cleaning. Our team at Express Restoration can help you by providing full contents restoration services.

Recognizing the Need for Professional Service Is a Must

After a fire, there’s no doubt that soot and smoke are likely present on your home’s contents. Everything may have a black, thick covering on it that doesn’t wipe off easily. Even when there’s water damage, the contents of your home may suffer significant damage, including the buildup of odors.

Professional contents restoration eliminates those problems in most situations. While not all contents can be restored, our team will do our best to ensure you have the best possible results.

If this process is not done properly with the right materials, it will lead to a worsening of conditions, and you may find your items unusable.


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Where Can Contents Restoration Work?

We can provide restoration work for many of the items within your home, including personal belongings, photos, furniture, and appliances. That may include electronics, files, clothing, and just about anything else within your home that’s damaged from smoke or fire debris. This process removes or reduces the amount of soot on the surface while also working to remove the odor from it.

What to Do Now

If you have had a fire in your home or have extensive smoke damage, allow Express Restoration to come to your home for a consultation. We can tell you what types of contents we can restore, which may include most items that can be laundered or hand-cleaned. Reach out to us now to get started.