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Soot & Smoke Removal

It's not uncommon for a home to be covered in smoke and soot after a fire, even a small one.

In some situations, the property is still structurally sound, but the damage from the soot is so much that it can be impossible for quick cleaning to be enough. That is when Express Restoration recommends professional soot and smoke removal services.
Even a small fire can create a significant amount of soot damage like this, especially as the smoke moves up away from the fire into the upper floors of the home. Proper cleaning is a must not only for restoring the overall look of the home but also to get rid of the odors that commonly build up as a result.

How We Can Help with Soot and Smoke Removal

Express Restoration will come to your home to provide a formal consultation. Generally, we can remove soot and smoke from numerous surfaces, including:


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Soot & Smoke Removal

When possible, removal is ideal because it limits the amount of time it will take to restore your home and get you back into it. However, the process needs to be done professionally to ensure the best possible results and that no further damage is done to belongings. The goal is to get all of your structural elements and contents back to a pre-loss condition when possible.

Doing this also helps to reduce the need for complicated problems such as unnecessary painting and removal of drywall. It may also help to ensure you get back into your home in no time.

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Express Restoration is happy to help you. We’ll come to your location and talk to you about what types of materials we can clean away and what you can expect from the entire process.