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Mold Removal

The presence of mold in a home puts your entire family at risk.

Though there are some forms of good mold, the mold that grows in a home, such as after water damage occurs, can be highly dangerous. It’s often best to turn to a professional like Express Restoration if you find mold in your home – doing so could be critical to protecting the value of your home and minimizing health risks to your family. Let us handle full mold removal for you.

Finding the Mold

You may see mold growth, such as black, brown, or grey-colored substances growing on walls or flooring. Other times, you may have a strong musky smell in the area, which indicates the presence of mold as well. Our first goal is to determine where it is. Then, we start the mold removal process.


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How Mold Removal Happens

Every project is a bit different, but mold remediation services will enclose the mold area and clean it, if possible, or remove the components damaged by mold from your home fully. This process is extensive and will remove mold not just in the localized area but throughout your home. That’s critical since mold can easily spread as mold spores get into the air and travel through the HVAC system, allowing it to move through the home.

Let Us Handle the Project

If you need mold removal, Express Restoration will provide you with a formal quote for the type of work you need. We will work with you to dry out the home, too, which makes it much harder for mold to grow. Then, proper sanitation and removal of substances enable us to get your home to a safe level.
Do not put off mold removal. Let Expression Restoration come to your property today for a formal inspection and to get the process started.